The use of didactics is never as important as in the world of medicine.

For over a decade, Medidactic specializes in creating state-of-the-art medical didactic tools designed for healthcare professionals. Combining robust medical knowledge, extensive didactic experience, and a touch of creativity, Medidactic produces diverse e-learning tools & Clinical simulators for hospitals, academic institutions, pharma companies and other institutions requiring medical training services.

Medidactic's heterogenic team includes practicing physicians, didactic experts and animation professionals. With over a decade of cross-functional cooperation we create clear, engaging and empowering learning tools that are designed for the only End-Point that maters - better clinical practice.

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Medical e-learning samples

clinical simulations samples

Medidactic's e-learning courses are designed to maximize the didactic potential of online medical training services.

Our courses are developed by senior physicians, led by Dr. Gadi Segal, and didactic experts, led by Amit Mayer, who aim for maximal clinical relevance and medical accuracy.

Medidactic's Clinical simulators enable medical professionals to practice medical algorithms on their own PCs, to better assimilate the clinical sequence.
Clinical simulators provide an easy to use, fast and always available ground for numerous clinical scenarios and possibilities, a perfect online tool for medical training services.

Medidactic provides professional services for life-science companies of multiple disciplines.

Medidactic's services include presentations building, brochure writing, clinical data archiving, and management consulting.